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An Awesome F&B Manager / Maitre D' / Head Waiter Role On A Boutique 5* Ship - NOW! UK NI# REQUIRED
  • Location: A GORGEOUS 5* Boutique Vessel!, Cruise Ships / Offshore
  • Contract type: Permanent
  • Salary: £27,000UK annually taxed at UK rates
Job Description:
Hi and hope you are well today.

It’s time to share a BRILLIANT new OPPORTUNITY once again. I am DELIGHTED to present this GREAT role to you for your HAPPY VIEWING.

Here are the EXCITING BITS:

• Role: F&B Manager
• On: A GORGEOUS 5* Boutique vessel!
• Salary: £27,000UK annually taxed at UK rates
• Starting: SOON!
• Rotation: 4 weeks on and 2 weeks off
• Website: On application
• Reporting to: Hotel Manager
• Role: This is a hands-on role where you will be supporting all of the team in the dining room (there is only one), bar, stores and more. Leading a team of circa 15 in the galley and dining room.
• Required: You will be living in the UK with a UK National Insurance Number; you to have valid STCW Certs (please see below for the list) and with an ENG1 medical and available NOW!

• YOU!:
o You will be with a UK National insurance number and be living in the UK currently.
o You will have experience of working at sea in a high-quality 5* cruise vessel / river ship as a Head Waiter, Maξtre D’, Assistant F&B Manager, F&B Manager or similar.
o Able to offer nothing short of service excellence to the 50 guests that sail onboard the Hebridean Princess.
o Your wine knowledge will be AWESOME (this will be tested during your interview) and you will know what to serve with caviar!
o You will be EXCEPTIONALLY smartly attired with a SPARKLING personality and strong, positive leadership style.
o You will be available at short notice

STCW 95 includes the following certificate requirements:

1. BST Part 1: Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (STCW Reg VI/1 para 1 & Sec A-VI/1 para 2.1.2)
2. BST Part 2: Personal Survival Techniques (STCW Reg VI/1 para 1 & Sec A-VI/1 para 2.1.1)
3. BST Part 3: Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (STCW Reg VI/1 para 1 & Sec A-VI/1 para 2.1.4)
4. BST Part 4: Elementary First Aid (STCW Reg VI/1 para 1 & Sec A-VI/1 para 2.1.3
5. Crowd Management Training (STCW A-V/2)
6. Certificate of Proficiency in Security Awareness (STCW Reg VI/6, Para 1 & sec A-VI/6 para 4)
7. Crisis Management and Human Behaviour (STCW reg V/2, para 6 & Sec A-V/2 para 3)

If this really great opportunity is for you and you match the requested work history and background for the role, please send me your up to date and professional CV. Kindly ensure it has all of your contact details clearly listed with the correct telephone numbers on too!

I am here to help should you have any questions and I look forward to supporting your application. Should you need to contact me at any time, please feel free.

Best Regards

Russ Simove

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