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Crew Purser - 5* Luxury Cruise Line
  • Location: Worldwide, Cruise Ships / Offshore
  • Contract type: Permanent
  • Salary: Competitive Salary
Job Description:
We have a FABULOUS OPPORTUNITY for you to join an amazing cruise line, with a BRILLIANT role as Crew Purser - is this the perfect role for you?

• Role: Crew Purser
• Company: INCREDIBLE 5* Cruise Liner
• Start date: Soon!
• Website: On application
• Salary: $3200US per month worked TAX FREE
• Berthing: Single cabin
• Reporting to: Chief Purser
• Rotation: 4 months on and 2 months off rotation
• Required: Full and 100% clear medical; US C1/D visa; Full STCW’s taken from a shoreside training centre to present

STCW 95 includes the following certificate requirements:

1. BST Part 1: Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (STCW Reg VI/1 para 1 & Sec A-VI/1 para 2.1.2)
2. BST Part 2: Personal Survival Techniques (STCW Reg VI/1 para 1 & Sec A-VI/1 para 2.1.1)
3. BST Part 3: Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (STCW Reg VI/1 para 1 & Sec A-VI/1 para 2.1.4)
4. BST Part 4: Elementary First Aid (STCW Reg VI/1 para 1 & Sec A-VI/1 para 2.1.3
5. Crowd Management Training (STCW A-V/2)
6. Certificate of Proficiency in Security Awareness (STCW Reg VI/6, Para 1 & sec A-VI/6 para 4)
7. Crisis Management and Human Behaviour (STCW reg V/2, para 6 & Sec A-V/2 para 3)

BRILLIANT Role Overview

• Preparation and administration of an accurate payroll, on-board crew accounts.
• Processing crew cash advances and crew bank wires as per company guidelines.
• Preparation and submission of Month end financial reports.
• Preparation and assistance with Immigration and Custom clearance.
• Liaising with agents and HODs for crew travel arrangements.
• Crew medical disembarks in cooperation with the Medical team.
• Accurate and complete administration of crew files including certification, travel documents, personal details, etc.
• Maintenance of Crew manifests for on board safety regulations and international requirements.
• Maintain an accurate cash float and request required funds from the Chief Purser in timely manner.
• Diligent completion of signing off and on process for all crew members.
• Make all the necessary travel arrangements for off signing crew members.
• Communicate the vacation plan with HOD and Personnel Office. Request changes as per company guidelines.
• Ensure vessel distribution of particular crew manifest information.
• Ensure crew passport and visa validity.
• Ensure crew Seaman’s Books are maintained and valid.
• Liaising with Port Agents for crew sign on and off procedures and requirements.
• Preparation of necessary documentation for inbound and outbound port clearance for crew.
• Clearance of vessel for crew on arrival into port.
• Update Crew manifests and systems for on board safety regulations and international requirements.
• Active participation in onboard training programs.
• Additional duties, not mentioned here, will be expected as per management request

YOU the INCREDIBLE Crew Purser

• You will currently or very recently have been a Crew Purser on a stylish and salubrious cruise liner (unless you have been a Crew Purser before we can’t help you with this opportunity sorry!)
• Financial background, relative accounting and administration skills
• Excellent English skills, written and spoken & another language would be always a great benefit
• International experience / shipboard experience is required
• Ability to work independently, positive, approachable personality, professional appearance, excellent communication skills
• Flexible and stress resistant, team player, shows commitment

If this exciting role is for you…Please kindly list in your CV the following:

• Months and years you worked in each role - The employers should be listed in descending order; this means that we ask you to please list the most recent employer first, then the second most recent employer, and so on;
• Your title and the dates of employment with each employer are as accurate as possible (the dates should reflect the month and year when you started, and the month and year when you moved from each position)
• The name of each employer is clearly stated, and that the type of business is also clearly indicated (i.e. Was it a resort, a hotel - and how many rooms did it have, and how was it rated/how many stars? If it was a ship, how many passengers did it accommodate?)
• No gaps between jobs - if there is, explain why
• You should also indicate a summary of your main responsibilities and achievements while in the particular position & outline any other things you have done which has shown Effective change to the business' - in financial terms would be great
• The number of employees you supervised and if you managed multiple areas, please explain
• The reason for separation from each employer is indicated (explain why you left each employer);
• If there are any breaks in dates of employment, please explain the reasons
• The number of people you have managed in each role
• Internet links to your places of work
• Identify your IT skills
• List a telephone number and email address you can be contacted on
• List the Visas you have and their expirations (C1/D Exp 2009 for example)
• The languages in which you can communicate should be indicated (kindly specify the language and whether your verbal/written skills are basic, moderate, or fluent).
• Run an 'English Spell Check'
• Save your CV with your full name in a WORD document

If this really great opportunity is for you and you match the requested work history and background for the role, please send me your application ASAP!

I am here to help should you have any questions and I look forward to supporting your application. Should you need to contact me at any time, please feel free.

Best Regards

Taryn Creasey
Excite Recruitment
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