Job details

Team Engagement Specialist / HR Coordinator
  • Location: Cruise Ship, Cruise Ships / Offshore
  • Contract type: Permanent
  • Salary: Competitive Salary
Job Description:
We are looking for an EXCELLENT candidate with amazing people skills, who is compassionate and organised who is looking to move their career into an adventurous direction!!

Could this be you??

• Role: HR Coordinator
• Start date: Soon
• Berthing: Shared cabin with one other
• Salary: From $2000US per month worked
• Rotation: 6 months on and 2 months off
• Flights: You are required to fund your first flight to the ship and all subsequent flights are paid for by the host company
• Required: You to fund the medical (circa £450UK – cheaper outside of the UK) a US C1D visa (circa $162US) and a police background check. The cost of the US C1D visa is reimbursed onboard

This amazing opportunity will involve:-

The role is called HR Coordinator and is involved with Crew Welfare. You will be looking after the Crew and dealing with welfare, morale and engagement, crew communications and employee of the month presentations. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to pursue a career in HR!

You The BRILLIANT Candidate:

• Fluent in English and preferably at least one other European language
• People skills
• Excellent time management skills
• Strong organizational skills
• Excellent listening skills and presentation skills
• Exceptional follow-up abilities
• Follow/enforce company policies and procedures
• Resolve problems
• Assume responsibility/accountability
• Excellent safety, sanitation and environmental skills
• Great fun personality and easy going manner
• Ability to quickly evaluate alternatives and decide on a plan of action
• Think creatively
• Balance the needs of the organization
• Great Knowledge of World Geography
• Your resume / CV will be sparkling and really stand out in a positive way (first impressions count!)

This role is long hours and hard work…are you up for the adventure?

If this really great opportunity is for you and you match the requested work history and background for the role, please send me your up to date and professional CV.

Kindly ensure it has all of your contact details clearly listed with the correct telephone numbers on too!

I am here to help should you have any questions and I look forward to supporting your application. Should you need to contact me at any time, please feel free.

Best Regards

Taryn Creasey
Excite Recruitment
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